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Drinking Wine is Fun!

Some people take drinking wines too seriously! At Chaddsford Winery we believe wines are to be enjoyed by everyone and that you don't need a graduate degree to buy, use, order, serve and enjoy wines in your everyday life. So take classes if you want to, read books and blogs if you like, but don't shy away from the fun of using wines just because you don't feel you "know enough." Jump in, try different varieties, visit wine festivals and tasting events, and approach the whole wide world of wine as you do other foods and beverages – just drink what you like and enjoy the experience.

Drink of the month

Rosey Blush Cooler

1 Bottle Chaddsford Sunset Blush
3 cups of strawberry-kiwi cooler
1/4 cup frozen strawberry daiquiri mix
1/4 cup sugar

Strawberries, kiwi and watermelon chopped
Mix Sunset Blush, strawberry-kiwi cooler and frozen daiquiri mix. Add sugar, stir until dissolved, add seltzer water and chopped strawberries, kiwi and watermelon.

The Drink of the Month is available at the winery in Chaddsford and our Peddler's Village Wine Shop and Tasting Room.

Easy Chaddsford Drink Recipes

Chaddsford Winery Drink Recipes

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Wine with Food!

Chaddsford Winery salmon dinner

Chaddsford Winery staff members and friends have created some delectable food recipes to go with our wines. Take a look and cook something up tonight!

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