Chaddsford Welcomes New Winemaker

Chaddsford Welcomes New Winemaker

Chaddsford Winery is thrilled to announce that Gabriel Rubilar has joined the CFW Team as Winemaker, overseeing all production and cellar-related activity. 

We chatted with Rubilar, who recently transitioned to the new, full-time role from a consulting position, about his vision for Chaddsford and the future of Pennsylvania wine.

What are your goals for your first year as Winemaker at Chaddsford?

I have two goals for my first year as Chaddsford’s Winemaker, with the first one being more personal: to enjoy and have fun while being part of this great wine-loving family. I’m looking forward to working with such a knowledgeable staff. The second, to create great wine! Four simple words with a big task behind it and I’m up for the challenge.

What wine are you most excited to make?

Premium barrel-aged wines are by far the most exciting to craft. We are developing a new and exciting program that focuses on a more detail-oriented wine. Wine always tells a story. During any barrel aging, a quiet battle unfolds between wine and barrel that in time ends up connecting and creating a stronger and kinder friendship that will win battles.

What has most significantly influenced your current winemaking techniques?

My past experience, starting out in Mendoza, Argentina where I obtained my Master's degree in Oenology and had the opportunity to work alongside brilliant minds in the wine industry, as well as working in wineries in Argentina, California, and the East Coast. This influence has allowed me to develop and polish my own techniques. Presently, I'm completely devoted to our customers' satisfaction. Getting their feedback will be extremely important for us to remain focused on crafting new and exciting products.

What do you envision the future of Pennsylvania wine to be?

I have no doubt that PA is marching at a steady pace to be a renowned wine state, having the proper mix of potential and diversity to grow grapes that will allow us to create unique wines. I am passionate about the diversity and the honesty a wine can share with every sip, and Pennsylvania can definitely provide that.