A Murder in Time: Virtual Murder Mystery

Friday, January 15 - Friday, February 5, 2021

Chaddsford's Murder Mystery Nights are going virtual in 2021! 

In an effort to get far, far away from life in 2020, we're embarking on a wine-filled, time travel journey and hope you'll join us.


This interactive event is part virtual wine tasting and part murder mystery.  Purchase an event pass online for $79/household (multiple people can participate per household) and we'll ship you a package with program information, clues, Zoom login credentials, and a Wine 3-Pack that includes a bottle of '18 Sauvignon Blanc, '19 Dry Rosé:Redux, and '17 Harbinger. (If you need more wine, add additional bottles to your cart and we'll ship everything out together!)

Note: Delaware residents will need to pick up their event package at the Winery due to shipping restrictions. 

Sales close 10 days prior to the event and are limited to 40 households/session. Buy your event pass today to guarantee your spot!

We encourage you have fun and get silly with this!  Get dressed up and make it a family event, or invite your quarantine pod over to join in the adventure. 

For more details about this time-traveling mystery, click here to read a synopsis.



You will need high-speed internet access as well as an operable microphone to participate.

Login to Zoom 10 minutes prior to start time to avoid technical difficulties. Be sure to have your wine, program, and clues handy!

Participants will be greeted with more details about Doc Vignoles and his time machine, while hearing from a number of characters and suspects.  As you receive more clues throughout the evening, there will be opportunities to taste and learn a bit more about each of the featured wines!

Participants will be able to interrogate the suspects and interact with one another during the program.  After all clues have been given, each household will submit their guesses on 1) the murderer, 2) the motive, and 3) the time period via private chat.  Three correct answers will result in prizes! 



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Please Note: All sales are final. Event pass purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable.