Halloween Staff Picks

Halloween Staff Picks

Grab the popcorn, a cozy blanket and pour yourself a glass of wine! Halloween is just weeks away and we're celebrating with a movie marathon. 

Sip along with our team's favorite Halloween movie pairings below! 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Chaddsford Red

"It’s a classic movie and Chaddsford Red is a classic and easy going red, perfect for a pizza and movie night with friends." - Nick McGuire and Sarah Morris

Hocus Pocus - '17 Harbinger

"For me, cozying up on a cool fall night with a glass of this wine always sets the tone for a movie night and with the awe-inspiring Bette Middler, you really can't go wrong! Plus, with all of that chocolate Halloween candy lying around, this is a perfect dessert pairing for any dark chocolate treat!"- Rachel Brown

Sleepy Hollow - '17 Cabernet Sauvignon

"Super scary meets full bodied red. Drinking this wonderful red wine brings comfort to such a hair-raising film! It's always my go to! I like to pair it with chocolate covered pretzels for a sweet and salty movie snack!" - Hannah Lasure

Casper - Chaddsford White

"Friendly ghost meets this versatile semi-sweet wine. Hanging out on the couch with the lights off and the windows open on a Sunday evening and a bottle of our Chaddsford White equals an amazing movie experience. With its fruity characteristics, this wine pairs perfectly with rosemary popcorn and sea salt!" - Cameron Walton