In the Community: East Falls Farmers Market

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In the Community: East Falls Farmers Market

We love to see the community come together when they purchase local produce, homegoods and wine from East Falls Farmers' Market

The market, located between the Twin Bridges, brings together a variety of businesses from across the area. Customers can find sweet treats and coffee from Ursa Bakery, DoeAmira's Vegan Delites and Nila Coffee while grabbing fresh offerings from Spring Hollow Farm and Everwild Farms. 

During select weekends throughout the season, customers can browse Chaddsford's diverse menu of dry, sweet and sparkling wines alongside grocery essentials. Head to neighbor vendor, Betty's Acres, for a mouthwatering pairing of artisan cheese and award-winning wine. 

Market Manager, David, has seen a substantial growth with customers and vendors stating "Since last year's city-wide shut downs we were able to stay open as an essential service to the community, albeit with spacing and contact restrictions. I think people just felt like it was safer to shop outside at our market rather than to go into the confined space of a store."

Among traditional farmers market offerings, customers can also find unique treasures from Ambler Beer, Pure Soul Inspirations, SCB Naturals, SH Candles within this community hub.  

It's quickly become a staple for the neighborhood as "The market is a convenient walk/ride for East Falls, Allegheny, and even Roxborough and Germantown residents, and the produce and products are often if not always better than what you can get in big box stores. As the city gets vaccinated we'll be doing more and more activities at the market too. Live music will be coming back shortly, and we still hope to do some cooking demonstrations live at the market too," said David.

Find Chaddsford Winery at the Market on March 27, 2021 from 11 AM - 1 PM.  During your visit, find perennial favorites, new releases and savings on our Wine of the Month,'18 Harbinger. To place a pre-order, click here!