November Wine of the Month is Traminette

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November Wine of the Month is Traminette

November is here and we're raising our glasses to the holiday season! 

'18 Traminette is an exceptionally aromatic white wine and an excellent addition to your Thanksgiving feast. Wine Educator, Rachel, gravitates toward the nose of the wine stating: 

"Along with its light gold hue, this wine is a treat for your senses. Bold and bright, the nose of this wine is simply the gift that keeps on giving. While all those dried and candied fruits translate to your palate, this wine remains completely dry! Those waxy, candied flavors trick your brain into thinking that there must be some form of sugar left over in this vintage. Aroma in wine and a lower acidity will help contribute to the weight, or the ‘body’ of the wine."

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A relative newcomer to the wine world, Traminette is the perfect pour as we prepare to transition between fall and winter. Brown reaches for the wine with seasonal dishes suggesting:

"This grape is known for its candied and musty fruit notes, like dried apricots, honey and mango. I use this wine to highlight any of the spicy dishes that my fiancée likes. Sweet Thai chili dishes are one of our personal favorites to use this wine for. I love to use this for some more savory dishes as well— butternut squash ravioli in a brown butter sauce, mushroom stuffed cannelloni, or a fruity peach-based dessert." 

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