Chaddsford’s Production Assistant Heads to South Africa for Harvest

Chaddsford’s Production Assistant Heads to South Africa for Harvest

At the end of January, Chaddsford Winery’s Cellar Production Assistant, Angela Semenchenko, is embarking on a 3-month adventure to work harvest in South Africa.

Angela is excited to immerse herself in the culture, experience harvest, and learn new winemaking techniques.

Additionally, in an effort to raise awareness to the issues in South African communities, Angela has decided to raise funds to support two non-profit organizations, Kibwekids and Mosaic.

Kibwekids supports many orphan children and finds foster homes and families for babies born under very unfortunate circumstances. Mosaic is an organization supporting a community center where many children get their meals, women receive their necessary products, and where many families are able to find comfort in their volunteering projects teaching essential skills.

The money raised will help fund these two organizations, as well as offer support for Angela’s stay in South Africa. Sixty percent will be split evenly and go directly towards the two organizations, and forty percent will go into shipping, transportation, and an emergency fund to support the efforts of the organizations.

To learn more, or to contribute to Angela’s cause, please click here.