Staff Picks: Our Favorite Wines from Home

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During these crazy and unprecedented times, we could all use a little community. With so much news floating around, most of it far from good, people all over are hunting for that small, brief spark of joy.

While you might not be thinking of wine and food pairings right now, the family at Chaddsford Winery is thinking of you.

The people who work hard to put good wine in your glass took a minute to share what they’re drinking and why

Cheers, friends!

Sunset Blush

750ml bottle of Sunset BlushAshleigh's Pick: “Although extremely hard to choose just one, I would have to say Sunset Blush wins out. Not only is it refreshing and delicious all on its own, it is also very versatile. During this quarantine, I have experimented with martinis, slushies and other cocktails with this wine as the base ingredient. I could drink this wine all year round and it truly makes me smile.”  




Chaddsford White

Melissa's Pick: "Chaddsford White has been my go-to since starting at the winery. I really enjoy cooking, so its semi-sweet characteristics give me a lot of room to play with food pairings. If you're feeling adventurous try making a pear, bleu cheese, and balsamic flatbread. If you want something a bit easier, open a bag of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn and start the movie!" 



'19 Dry Rosé

Ethan's Pick:"Dry Rosé is my favorite wine we make! This wine requires a lot of extra steps when handling it and I usually take sole responsibility of those treatments. So, I appreciate the final product so much more. Plus, it’s pretty AND delicious!" 




'17 Presage

Alicia's Pick: “It’s no secret that I am a Presage girl! I like the fact that it is finished with oak because I prefer an oaked Chardonnay. While this wine isn’t made with Chardonnay, I like the similar body style it has. I think it is versatile and can go with many dishes, as well as my favorite cheeses… it’s delish!” 



'18 Sauvignon Blanc

Shelly's Pick: "I first bought this wine from my grocery store before I worked for the Winery.  I couldn’t believe how delicious it was and that it was grown only 20 minutes from where I lived! After looking up Chaddsford online, I immediately fell in love with their mission, wine education, and branding.  I applied to work there within a week of trying this wine and have been an employee ever since. Our Sauv Blanc has some really nice grassy notes and a balanced pick-me-up acidity on the finish. It’s my go-to sushi wine and my favorite patio sipper.”  

'17 Harbinger 

Rachel's Pick: "I came into the winery with no wine knowledge, no palate, and very few opinions on wine. All I knew? I definitely didn’t like reds. During my training, I tasted the first-ever vintage of Harbinger and was surprised that I actually liked it. It’s still the smooth, medium-bodied blend I fell in love with four years ago with all of its blueberry and vanilla characteristics. This guy became my gateway red, the launch into my love affair with reds. When my friends and I get together, a bottle of Harbinger is usually the first thing that’s opened."