Throwdown Round 3: Battle of the Charcuterie Board

Throwdown Round 3: Battle of the Charcuterie Board

The third round of our Wine Pairing Throwdown series featured an iconic and delicious and cheese!

Corey and Rachel built their dream charcuterie boards using the crisp and bubbly '18 Sparkling White and the juicy and refreshing '19 Dry Rosé Redux. Both contestants were inspired by autumn's flavors and the versatility of each wine.   

Each board included a variety of flavors and textures with soft and hard cheeses and crunchy and sweet accoutrements. Redux was served alongside triple cream brie,cinnamon and cranberry rolled goat cheese, and piave. Sparkling White was also served alongside a rich triple cream brie in addition to a six year aged cheddar, drunken goat cheese, and cut through the density of gruyere. 

Corey and Rachel finished the round with a special pairing of Spiced Apple and an apple smoked cheddar. With a large assortment of pairings, this round resulted in a draw.

For some inspiration for your next cheese board, watch Battle of the Charcuterie Board here!