Upcycling Bottles for Your Garden

Upcycling Bottles for Your Garden

It's time to get creative with your trash! Enhance your space and make full use of your empty wine bottles with cork mulch or a plant waterer for those weekends away.

Take inspiration below and give them a new life in your yard, garden, and home. 

Cork Mulch 

Materials Needed:  

  • Natural cork (no synthetic or capped corks)  
  • Food processor or blender  


  1. Place a small number of corks into your food processor or blender (no more than 12 at a time).
  2. Pulse until the corks are the size of a quarter.
  3. Pour your cork mulch into a bowl and separate out any big pieces. Continue the process with the larger pieces until they are the correct size.
  4. Once you have enough mulch, spread it around the base of your plant or in your garden.  


Weekend Waterer 
Materials Needed: 

  • Empty wine bottle  
  • Filtered tap water 


  1. Clean your wine bottle with hot soapy water.
  2. Once the suds are gone and the bottle smells fresh, fill to the neck with filtered tap water.
  3. Quickly invert the bottle into the root system of the plant you wish to water.