'21 Dry Rosé: Redux Named "Best of Pennsylvania" by Press Fraction

'21 Dry Rosé: Redux Named "Best of Pennsylvania" by Press Fraction

In its inaugural guide to the best 2021 east coast rosés, The Press Fraction titled '21 Dry Rosé: Redux as the "Best of Pennsylvania!"

Press Fraction is a newsletter and wine club that is dedicated to covering the lesser-known wine regions of the country. Since its inception in late 2021, Press Fraction celebrates the idea that "...if the right grapes are grown in the right place by the right people and are then handled the right way in the cellar the resulting wines can be great, regardless of region."

Led by Lenn Thompson of Cork Report, the Press Fraction team tasted wines from across Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin that used either the saignée method or the "rosé on purpose" method.

Through the work from our dedicated and skillful cellar team, Chaddsford produced an award-winning wine that's recognized for its bright aromatics of hibiscus, watermelon, raspberry, and cotton candy. 

To learn more about '21 Dry Rosé: Redux, visit here.