Chaddsford's Visit to the Vineyards

Chaddsford's Visit to the Vineyards

General Manager, Corey Krejcik, and Winemaker, Gabriel Rubilar, recently visited our growers in preparation for 2020's upcoming harvest.

Every July, the Cellar team takes a trip to Lake Erie and the Finger Lakes to examine grape progress. Krejcik and Rubilar inspected the vineyards of long-standing partners who grow the hybrid and sweet wine grapes used to produce many popular Chaddsford wines.

Despite fears regarding frost damage in May, the vineyards are in remarkable shape as they approach harvest season, which typically begins in early September.

In addition to lots of Steuben, Chambourcin, and Niagara grapes, Chaddsford plans to bring in some new varietals for our small-batch Artisan Series wine collection.

Stay tuned for more news as the growing season progresses!