July Wine of the Month is Sangria

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July Wine of the Month is Sangria

Summer's heating up and we're reaching for refreshing, zesty wines! 

That's why July's featured Wine of the Month is Sangria - with a savings of $2 per bottle, $1 per glass, and $24 per case all month long.  Enjoy free shipping on orders $49+ or stock up onsite with curbside service

Sangria is a fruity, spicy, and sweet wine that features an assembly of regional grapes. This perfectly chillable wine bursts with flavors of red berries, orange zest and lemon.

Our Wine Educator, Rachel Brown, often reaches for this wine during the summer months."Sangria is great because we prep this for you before it goes into bottling. We infuse lemon, lime and orange into this wine, so it is already spiced for you. Think of it as ready to rock when you’re ready to roll. There are tons of deep berry and blood orange notes in this wine.... An absolute must when we get together for a day of swimming and grilling."

As for pairing, Brown recommends enjoying Sangria with "chips and salsa, the ultimate Taco Tuesday celebration or just seizing the day with those closest to you."

For an easy and mouthwatering summer cocktail, toss in your favorite vodka and club soda. 

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