Sustainable Efforts for Earth Day and Beyond

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Sustainable Efforts for Earth Day and Beyond

Everyday, we're doing our part to make the world a better, greener, cleaner place! Across all of our operations, we're dedicated to using eco-minded methods to honor earth's bounty. See how we're embracing more sustainable solutions below!  

Wine Kegging

In early April 2023, our production crew kegged our Sangrias at the main location. We're thrilled to have these sweet superstars on tap as it lessens the amount of material needed including bottles, cases, printed labels, and enclosures. By reducing this volume, we hope to save room in the landfill! 


The majority of our wines are in Eco-Glass, an innovative, lightweight wine bottle that’s made with 25% less glass than standard wine bottles. Eco-Glass weighs significantly less than a standard bottle and requires much less fuel to transport. Learn how to use your empty bottles here


All our facilities participate in comprehensive recycling programs for glass, aluminum, cardboard, and now grape pomace. In early 2023, we released our first-ever Piquette! This wine uses leftover skins, seeds, and stems of the grape that would otherwise be thrown out after bottling traditional wines. Once fermentation is complete, we're left with a low-alcohol, sparkling wine that's perfect for warm-weather sipping! 

When it comes to our trash, we're getting creative with Remark Glass and Bottle Underground; a zero-waste, woman-owned glass studio and non-profit, dedicated to recycling glass bottles into new household items or artwork. Since first working with them in 2021, we have donated approximately 2,570 cases of wine from our Philadelphia sales efforts!